What Is Science And What relevance Does It Have To Manifestation?


Science is essentially the study of Nature. Science has been documented back as far as 3500BC when the Mesopotamian culture began to record their observations of nature numerically. Since that time humankind has endeavored to understand natures working and turn it into a mathematical form of measurement. This understanding has led to breakthroughs in understanding of the largest systems in nature being cosmology right through to the smallest things in nature being atoms.

For our purposes we are going to gain a basic understanding of Quantum Physics as this is the area where the natural world becomes a bit cooky and the laws on nature change from what we ‘think’ reality actually is.

Quantum simply means “Small packet of energy”. In other words we are going to discuss¬† small packets of energy that appear as both matter and energy.

What is Matter? Matter appears real, but Quantum science has shown that matter is simply stationary light moving very fast in a confined space. Remember as children we would spin around a small weight on the end of a string with great speed and it appeared as a solid circle. But it was just that it was spinning so fast it gave this appearance. But, if we could stop time at one instant, we would see that it was simply the small weight at the end of the string. This is how we view atoms. The electrons close to it’s nucleus move around at about about 3/4 the speed of light, confined to a fixed orbit, making the atom appear solid. But, we know that an atom is almost entirely empty space.

What is Energy? Energy is immutable and comes in six forms that interchange from one form to another. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it does change form constantly. Energy essentially is vibration. Much like a rope held fixed at one end and the other end is rapidly moved up and down. The wave moves through the rope and bounces back from the fixed end. This is energy in motion. It is the rope, and it’s not.

Energy is also a term that scientists use so they can grasp the illusive concept of god or universal energy. The word Energy derives from Greek (energeia) meaning “Living Force”.

When we discuss Manifestation of Matter, we are saying that a group of energised atoms have collected together to form what appears to be a solid thing. The next question is how do these atoms “know” to be drawn to each other in order to create?

Taking this to the next level, how do we coax atoms to form the solid things we desire?

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