What Is Reality And How Do We Perceive It?


The question of what is reality can be debated forever. For our discussion we are going to look at reality as a combination of photons, electrons and brain stimulus.

Einstein reveled what is now known as the “PhotoElectric Effect”. This is a natural phenomena where photons of light (small packets of energy without mass) traveling at the speed of light, interact with electrons that are particles with extremely small mass traveling a little less than the speed of light. The photoelectric effect occurs when the “Energy” of a photon collides with an electron whose state can be excited by the energy of the photon. The electron absorbs the photon, the photon appears to disappear and the electron becomes excited and jumps into a higher energy state within the atom. Since the atom desires to be in the lowest energy state possible (due to a natural phenomena called “Entropy”), the electron re-transmits the energy from itself and drops back to it’s lower energy state and a photon of exactly the same energy is emitted. The difference is that the photon will most likely be traveling in a different direction! And photons don’t interact with each other, they remain a unique photon until they again interact with another electron. This can also be loosely compared to the “Wave-Particle Duality”. This means that “Light” is traveling everywhere all at once. 

So, reality is a dance of energy between photons and electrons. But, how do we humans perceive this dance?

Our brain is made up of many internal structures. But, the main thing to understand it that our entire nervous system is governed by the flow of electrons. There are two parts of the brain we are interested in when talking about “Reality”. The first part of the brain that deals with ‘Spatial Recognition’ is the Hippocampus. The ‘Time Recognition’ part of our brain is the Hypothalamus. The brain engineering of these parts of the brain are not important for our discussion, but what is of importance is that electrons govern the flow of information between these two brain systems allowing for a 4-dimensional perception of the world around us. (4-Dimensions being the Space-Time Continuum: Width, Depth, Height and Time).

The second part of the brain equation is that our body is comprised of billions of atoms. Yes, atoms! These atoms receive energy from photons and electrons are stimulated and convey messages to the brain. These messages are received through our five senses: Sights, Sound, Taste, Smell and Touch. All five senses transfer information by way of electron transfer.

So, to sum it all up, what we perceive as reality is merely a transfer of photons (light) and electrons. The way we ‘Individually’ perceive this reality is from other parts of the brain interpreting the information that arrives and throwing forward varying ways of interpreting this data. The trick to ‘Clearly’ seeing reality is to begin to filter out the messages frpm the other parts of the brain and allow our perception of reality to be present in the Now Moment. This is the state of nirvana or bliss, which most humans rarely experience.

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