Business is a direct measure of your Manifestation skills.


In general, individuals who seek to express themselves at their highest level, eventually arrive at business. Be that a small business from home, a consultant or a company CEO.

When an individual discovers their true passion, nothing will get in the way of expressing that. The skill or service they provide adds value to other peoples lives, and energy is exchanged. The business person provides energy in the form or knowledge, skill or a product that improves peoples lives. And the exchange back is money, that is then used to increase value by purchasing knowledge, skill or products to enhance their lives. It’s a never ending cycle of energy exchange.

When you arrive at the expression of your highest personal self, your ability to gather income increases and this is done through highly leveraged activity, and that is business.

If you are not currently in business, then it’s really important for you not judge people who are. That is to say do not think of them as better than you, or they are money hungry. Just view them as a powerful creative individual following their path of creation. AND, you can do that too.

Business is a direct measure of your Manifestation skills. So begin to think about what kind of business might be an expression of a deeply held desire you have. What is a hobby or activity you really enjoy, where you can expand it by serving others with your skills and talents?

Manifestation becomes easy when you have discovered your inner purpose, what I call The Prodigy Self.

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