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The philosophy of “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” is about to be turned on its head. We all loved the idea of The Secret and The Law of Attraction, but we couldn’t find a way to apply it to ourselves. As a result people are moving away from the idea in droves because they can’t see how to put it into “Action”. Only an elite ‘few’, seem to master the secret’s of this ancient technology…until now!

The Secret of Manifestation or The Law of Projection provides not only a powerful understanding as to “What” The Law is, but a Powerful ACTION plan that when implemented will manifest your desires faster than ever before.

The idea of both The Secret & The Law of Attraction are flawed, because they speak of a reality ‘external’ to you, where you have to ‘reach out’ to obtain something. The Law of Projection is just that, a powerful PROJECTION! But, a projection of what, and where from? How does projection work?

The first important concept to understand is that you need to project your consciousness with certainty. Easier said than done! But, this training will provide powerful insights into this rarely used technology.

My 25 years in the Personal Development industry has been very broad. I have learned from well known teachers and unknown esoteric geniuses. I also produced a “New Age” television series and radio programs where I’ve interviewed hundreds of alternative facilitators.

But, until I returned to University after a 25 year sabbatical to study Physics, the answers to my questions about how “Thought Becomes Reality” was finally answered. I have combined modern concepts in Physics with Ancient Teachings, and created a New Understanding – The Law of Projection, what I call The Secret to Manifestation which uses a process called Quantum Leveraging.

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